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We do not carry out cremations at our cemeteries.  The nearest crematorium is:

West Herts Crematorium

High Elms Lane, Watford WD25 0JS

Telephone: 01923 673285


Burial of cremated Remains

The Garden of Rest and The Garden of Remembrance are provided for the burial of cremated remains.

The Garden of Rest provides a larger plot that allows space for up to four interments of ashes. A small upright headstone is permitted on this plot along with a small kerb set if desired.

The Garden of Remembrance is a smaller plot which provides space for up to two interments of ashes.  A flat memorial tablet is only permitted on the plot.

Arranging an interment of ashes

Once cremation has taken place and you are ready you can arrange to have the cremated remains interred in our cemeteries.  This can either be arranged directly with the cemetery or it can sometimes be arranged with the funeral director that carried out the cremation.


Arranging with a funeral director

Families sometimes favour this option because:


• Funeral directors can act as co-ordinators between the families, the Council and the Minister (if required) and arrange the date and time of the interment

• They complete and submit the notice of interment to the Council, pay the relevant fees, taking this administrative burden away from their clients

• They arrange for the transfer of the remains to wooden or biodegradable caskets which they also supply.

• They may attend at the cemetery on the day of the interment and bring the wooden or biodegradable casket containing the remains and the cremation certificate and assist in the interment process

• If an order for the commemorative tablet has been made with the funeral director in advance of the interment, funeral directors can also bring this memorial on the day and place it over the plot, immediately after the interment and the plot has been back filled by cemetery staff.

Arranging directly with the cemetery


Interments can be arranged directly by with the cemetery upon completion of an interment form, supplied by the cemetery. This can be completed over the phone in advance of the interment.

Should the family wish, prior to the interment, the remains can be placed in a small wooden or biodegradable casket with a name plate which can be purchased from a funeral director or online supplier.

The date and time of the interment must be arranged with the cemetery in order that the cemetery staff can excavate and prepare the plot in advance of the interment. The attendance of a Minister on the day is a personal choice and would need to be arranged directly with the Minister. The cemetery staff can read a poem or two at the service should the family require this. They can also have a private family service if they prefer.

On the day of the interment, you should meet in the cemetery office and provide the cemetery team with any paperwork such as the cremation certificate.  The team will be there to assist families in the interment process and walk to the plot if required. After the interment has taken place, the plot is back filled by the cemetery staff.


Families may wish to choose a plot for interment, please contact the cemetery office to arrange this.

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