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Funeral Costs: Help available

When a loved one dies it is the responsibility of the next of kin / family or friends of the deceased to organise and pay for the funeral.


This guide gives you some help with what help may be available with the costs.

• Firstly check if the deceased had a pre-paid funeral plan. Pre-paid plans mean the funeral costs are paid in advance.


Visit to confirm if the deceased had a funeral plan.

• If the deceased has an estate (money, investments, property or assets) the funeral can be paid from these. If there is money in their bank account, this can be used to pay for the funeral.


Banks will allow you to access any money to cover the funeral costs or may be able to pay the Funeral Director directly.


• If the deceased had life insurance this can be used to cover funeral costs. Some employers or trade unions offer death in service payments when someone dies.

• Contact your local Funeral Director who may be able to offer a funeral that you can afford. Funeral payment plans and finance is available with some Funeral Directors. There are also various funeral options to keep costs to a minimum.

• If you have explored the above options and are struggling to meet the costs of the funeral, further help and options are available. Please click here.

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