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The council is working in partnership with weekend burial providers Neil Curtis & Sons Funeral Contractors, a very knowledgeable and well-respected cemetery team, who will provide the ‘out of hours’ service for our Muslim residents.

In response to the needs of the local community, the council have helped co-ordinate these arrangements since 2016, for those who for religious or cultural reasons might require a burial to take place as soon as possible and at short notice.


If all necessary requirements and criteria are met, Muslim burials can be continued to be held at weekends or on bank holidays at North Watford Cemetery.


These burials can take place between 10.30am – 3.30pm in the summer months (April – September) and between 10.30am – 2.30pm in the winter (October – March).


The service is only available to Watford residents and for people aged 12 and over. You can find out more in this information leaflet.


The arrangements in place mean Neil Curtis & Sons Funeral Contractors will liaise directly with the Funeral Director chosen by the family to discuss the burial requirements. Funeral Directors should call 07976246911 or email the team at

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