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Lawn Sections

Lawn graves have a simple appearance and are mown regularly throughout the growing season.  


A lawn style headstone can be erected at the head of the grave, the remaining area is grassed over, and this must be kept clear at all times.


When the graves have settled we grass seed the area over, this is usually carried out between October and March.


The maximum size of the headstone would be 5’ in height and 3’ wide.

Traditional Sections

This grave allows for a much more substantial type of memorial on a concrete landing that covers the area of the grave, along with a kerb set.

The maximum dimensions for a memorial on this type of grave are 5' high x 36" wide x 7’ deep (length of kerb).

Wooden markers/grave markers

A marker can be placed at the head of the grave after interment takes place, this helps with grave identification for family members and will normally stay in place until a permanent memorial is placed. 


Cremated Remains Gardens


We have two Gardens available for cremated remains and they allow for different types of memorial.


Garden of Rest

This section allows a small headstone memorial up to 2’ 6” in height and in addition you can have a small kerb set up to 4’ long. 


In the event of a further re-interment if a kerb set is present the whole memorial would need to be removed before interment. 


Headstone only would not need to be removed.


Garden of Remembrance

On this section you are allowed a flat/sloping tablet memorial.  It should be no longer than 23” and the width 17” in portrait style.


Any foundation slab should not exceed ½” around the base of memorial.

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