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Whilst North Watford Cemetery does not have the historical background as Vicarage Road Cemetery there are a couple of points of interest.


Sandringham Road Memorial - On Sunday 30 July 1944, a V1 flying bomb killed 37 people on Sandringham Road, injured 64 others, wiped out 50 homes and caused significant damage to 500 other local houses.

12 of the victims were buried together at North Watford Cemetery and a memorial was erected by the council to commemorate their lives and the other lives lost in this tragedy.

Filming - Watford is a popular town for filming and North Watford Cemetery has been used in several programmes including EastEnders, Man Down and more recently a rap video.


War Graves - The cemetery contains 45 Commonwealth war graves from the Second World War.


Biodiversity at North Watford Cemetery - A full biodiversity study was carried out at North Watford Cemetery in 1997.  The site was found to be clearly of some ecological value as a wildlife site. The full report can be found here...

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